*** Promotion *** back home to her mother.

*** Promotion *** back home to her mother.
            Get 20% off every seat, every route

August 12th Mother's Day. Many people still think of her way to Bangkok bus lines, making promotion appease my mother.

Terms and conditions discounts 

  * reservations Today - August 10, 2558 

  * can travel from August 12, 2558 - September 30, 2558 

  * eligible to receive this discount. Only passengers who buy tickets at the source -                    

    Destination Passengers can inform the way as usual 

  * Bus stop participating Class 2 

  * When payment. A non-refundable ticket is. Whether any case 

  * the right to receive this discount. Can not be combined with other promotions 

  * The Company reserves the right to change the terms. Without notice 

--- back to fill it. Hug your mom to be happy Fought back well ---